Avoid Summer Traveling Tragedies by Always Carrying Cash

During the summer, we decided to take a trip into the Upper Peninsula of our state. While on our way back home we decided to stop for something to eat. As we handed our debit card to the cashier, we prepared to get our receipt and be on our way back home. Little did we know that the bank had made a mistake and closed our account and reported the cards stolen. Luckily, since we both had our cards and licenses on us, they knew that it was nothing that we had done and in fact it was more of a bank problem.

Earlier that day my husband had drawn some cash out of the account, so we were able to pay for our meal and head back across the bridge. If he had not prepared for the event and had cash on him, we would have been stuck with nothing to eat and no way to pay the toll to get across the bridge. In the end, I learned a valuable lesson. Don't ever assume you don't need to have cash on you because you never know when you might need it.