How to Use Free Samples as a Freelance Product Reviewer

Getting free samples is as easy as an internet search and submitting a form. (For a more in-depth guide to getting free samples online, read this article here on How to Get Free Samples Online.

But how can you, as a freelance writer, use these free samples to your advantage?

Become a Product Reviewer 
The first step is to become a product reviewer if you aren't already, because these free samples will do you no good if you aren't.

The HubPages always offers upfront payments on product reviews, excluding those reviews such as books, video games, websites, movies, etc. But the free samples you will receive won't fall under any of those categories, so why not write product reviews about them if you are seeking upfront payments?

Make Sure You Receive Free Samples Almost Daily 
As with anything in freelance writing, it takes time to build up a basis for whatever project you are undertaking. Receiving free samples is no different.

Sign up for free samples on a daily basis, and after a few weeks, you will begin receiving them almost daily.

Don't quit signing up, or else your free sample pattern will be interrupted and you won't receive your free samples regularly.

The Benefits of Using Free Samples to Become a Product Reviewer 
There are several benefits to using this method to become a product reviewer, including the following:

  1. By receiving free samples on n almost daily basis, you will never run out of topics to write about, thus eliminating writer's block.
    2. The free samples will always provide a topic that you can receive an upfront payment for, ensuring that you continue to profit from freelance writing.
    3. Product reviews are simple and quick to write. You don't need to do any research as you are writing about your opinion.

To sum up how to use free samples as a product reviewer… 
1. Get free samples on a daily basis.
2. Write product reviews.
3. Eliminate writer's block and receive regular upfront payments.

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