Seattle: A Traveler's Guide to the Emerald City

Situated in the great State of Washington, Seattle is a romantic destination for travelers from all over the world. Offering a varied extreme in climates and unlimited outdoor activities, Seattle, Washington, is a destination in which many vacationers turn during summer months to escape the summer heat.

Lying within 120 miles of the Canadian border, Seattle offers vacationers a unique travel destination with cultural mixture of American, Canadian and even French. With over three million people living in the Seattle area, the downtown population is full of hustle and bustle with a whopping half of a million people residing in the Seattle city limits alone. Known for the extreme rainy conditions, Seattle's dryest climate falls from June through August with temperatures, in the summer, rarely exceeding 75 degrees. In the winter, the city of Seattle rarely experiences snow and temperatures rarely dip below 32 degrees. With water abound, Seattle is the city of bridges providing optimal siteseeing opportunites across many lakes and waterways.

In terms of outdoor adventure vacation, Seattle, Washington, is known for a catering environment of bikers and walkers. Considered one of the fittest cities in the world, Seattle offers several cycling opportunities around the Puget South Region. Cycling trails are virtually unlimited and offer a variety of terrains for beginning cyclers to professional cyclers. For walkers, the Seattle, Washington, terrain offers a variety of opportunities from flatland walking to a diverse and scenic hiking extreme. Additionally, Seattle is known for the most populated area of live music bands and clubs, per capita, offering, yet another, opportunity for night life vacation entertainment and exercise.

In addition to biking, walking, dancing and hiking, vacationers to Seattle, Washington, are encouraged to experience and enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation along the Alki Beach. Known as the city's longest white sands beach, Alki Beach reaches over two miles with areas to relax along the shores, trails for rollerblading and courts for volleyball. Seattle, Washington, offers a romantic getaway for a couple on a honeymoom or anniversary celebration.

Whatever the intent of the family vacation, or even in a romantic getaway, consider visiting Seattle, Washington, for an outdoor experience never seen before. As a vacation of outdoor activities, family and couple vacations to Seattle, Washington, cater to nature and fitness enthusiasts of all walks of life.