Time Travel

True joy and happiness are not spatial;
we eventually learn that they are behavioral.
The Nasdaq or a piece of real estate;
it’s quite obvious, they cannot placate.

As we travel through space and time;
always searching, looking for the sublime.
Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher;
let us avoid that path to joy’s forfeiture.

A time to lose, a time to gain;
is there ever a life that doesn’t have pain?
I’ve learned this lesson, just this day;
blessings come in secret, I’ll follow this way.

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for;
don’t despair, just look inwardly and don’t ignore.
It is in silence where we meet truth and joy;
once we taste the celestial, the terrestrial becomes a ploy.

In order to feast, first we must fast;
this oxymoron will keep us from being downcast.
Let’s face it, many folks are lost;
go the wrong path, we then pay the cost.

True joy and happiness are not spatial;
now we see this notion is universal.
Why do we labor for that which does not satisfy;
seek the things above, then we can beatify.