Top 5 Best Android Apps for Downloading Videos

Downloading videos from different websites on Android phones used to be quite difficult. Now, with so many different apps, you cannot name one as being the best. For this reason, we decided to stick with just 5 apps for Android phones that are recommendable for downloading videos. The top 5 best Android apps for downloading videos are the most popular ones and for a good reason.

Best Android Apps for Downloading Videos

5. AVD Download Video

AVD Download Video is a simple app that is easy to use and works with most videos. The app is designed to work as a regular browser. When it detects a video on a webpage that it can download, it will show the download button and save the video locally onto an Android smartphone.

4. Download Manager

Download Manager for Android is a rather interesting app. It works as a download manager, video player, and audio player. The way it was made is quite straight forward. The main screen works like a browser that can be used to search for videos across the web. From the search results from various websites, the app will show which ones can be downloaded. The user will get the option to select the format or if they want to download just the audio of the video. Once downloaded, the videos or music files can be played directly in the app.

3. FVD – Free Video Downloader

FVD video downloader is a very simple and practical app. It does not clutter the screen with tens of different video quality settings, encoding, or anything of such sorts. The app was made to work as a browser. It can be used to open links to videos shared in social media apps or copy links with videos directly in the FVD app. If the video is not protected, FVD will offer the option to download it. It has a few settings such as where the files should be saved and a download manager that can handle multiple downloads at the same time.

2. Mirmay Downloader & Private Browser

Mirmay is mainly a private browser with some neat security features. It is a free app thus it has some ads but it offers loads of functionality perks including a video download feature that works on most websites. The browser can remember passwords and logins to make it easier to return to websites, has bookmarks, and a simple download manager. It can be used to replace any default Android browser. Being a private browser means that very little of your data is shared with the websites you visit and it can even wipe cookies after each session. Lastly, the browser can also work as a music player and can play the videos it downloads.

1. Videoder

Videoder is a very popular app that makes video downloads very simple. The app has very simple options and works as a search engine for videos. In the background, it works like a browser but the user interface is very minimalistic. Searching the videos will show results with previews and all that needs to be done is to tap on the resolution and then tap on the video to download it. Compared to other similar apps, Videoder is much more user friendly and less intimidating. The app can play the downloaded files in its embedded video player and supports a large number of video and audio formats.

Besides the give above-mentioned apps, there are a few extras that may be worth checking out such as Easy Video Downloader or Media Clip Pro Video Downloader. All these apps have a free version with various limitations or ads. Most of them offer the option to pay to remove ads and enable all features. Certainly, some of them work just fine without having to pay for the full version.

Since no app can make everyone happy, it may be worth it to try several apps and find the one that appears to work the best. Keep in mind that downloaded videos can be quite large and they might fill up internal storage space quite fast. What is worth remembering is that the vast majority of apps work like browsers but are designed to be practical as video downloaders. The top 5 best Android apps for downloading videos we listed work this way and manage to extract videos from most popular content websites.