Traveling Gluten Free

Gluten free traveling is going to be one of the most challenging things that someone with gluten intolerance and food allergies can do. Between flights, road trips and hotels, what's a gluten free person to do besides say "no thank you" at every turn? As a fellow gluten free person, I do a lot of reading on the subject, and found an interesting article in the July 2019 issue of Delight magazine, written by Audrey Scagnelli.

Gluten Free in Hotels

Eating gluten free in hotels with a microwave and a small fridge is always an option, provided the hotel you're staying in has those accommodations. In this way you can include food options of your own that are microwave friendly and keep them in the refrigerator.

There are those hotels that have kitchenette units. If this is an option where you're staying, it would be worth the cost increase to book that unit. You'll have lots of immediate gluten free meal choices available to you just steps away, and the ability to prepare and cook food if need be.

Gluten Free Restaurants

Make use of the internet when you're traveling to unchartered territory that you're not familiar with. You may find that you have problems finding restaurants that are gluten free. In that case try searching out a local celiac support group where you're going to be for some suggestions. You can often times find email addresses that can lead you to some helpful contacts who can offer good insight into the local gluten free favorites among some of their members.

To make your restaurant experience a positive one, be sure to bring some gluten free restaurant cards for notification to the chef regarding what you are able to eat and what's tabu.

Air Travel

It's possible to request gluten free meals when you'll be flying. There are several airlines that include names like, American, Delta, United and British Airways, that provide specially prepared gluten free meals labeled GFML, ( gluten free meal). For this service they will need a 24-96 hour notice ahead of time.

Be sure not to eat anything that isn't clearly labeled, and in the event that there has been some mistake, make sure you've brought some dried fruit, nuts, energy bars or other pieces of fruit if you are suddenly in need of quick food options.