When Do You Need a Dedicated Server for a Website?

If you ever tried to put a website online, then you are already familiar with shared . It is the simplest and fastest way to put sites online, and it is also a cheap solution for starters. However, this is only a temporary fix. As soon as you start having some good daily traffic, your shared   package will not be enough, and you will need a better solution.

Signs that I need a Dedicated Server

Three simple questions will give you the answer to this problem:

1. Is the website consuming too much RAM?
2. Is your traffic more than your current solution can cope with?
3. Do you need more storage for videos and photos?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then you probably need a dedicated server. These is hardware equipment that you can rent, with functional storage capacity and high speed. The server is the property of the hosting company and can usually be found in a Data Centre.

What should I consider?

Any will offer you different packages for Dedicated Hosting. You should consider your current needs and the projected traffic on your website. As you are probably looking to grow your website even more, check if the service can be upgraded later.

If you have an IT department and an IT specialist that could monitor the server, you can choose the cheaper unmanaged Dedicated Server Service. This solution is more affordable, but your IT department will have an extra task in managing the server. Most website administrators don’t have such a department, and they will look for a managed dedicated server.

There is also the possibility to rent a dedicated server with free admin. Here are the reasons to choose this service instead of a virtual private server or shared :

– Your website will not divide resources with other sites. This way, you can benefit from all the support of the server, leading to maximum performance and stability

– When you don’t need to split the server with others, you can enjoy more significant flexibility. A dedicated server allows you complete control of resources. You can install any program or service that would increase the performances even more. You can modify the hard disk, adjust the RAM allocation, and change the configuration whenever required.

– Dedicated servers are performing hosting solutions because of the latest generation components they use. As a result, even when the traffic grows instantly, the website will be stable, and it will load fast.

– Dedicated servers allow maximum security as there is no one else using it. They are less vulnerable to cybernetic attacks compared with shared hosting as it does not share resources with other users. All the server’s resources are at your disposal, you often receive updates of the operating system, and you don’t have other users on the server to interfere with your activity.

How to switch

Switching from one hosting solution to another is an operation that must be done right. It is possible to affect your traffic and other aspects of the website during the migration. Here is where the hosting company should intervene. Usually, the reputable hosting companies can help you with all the elements of the switch, making sure your traffic won’t be affected by the move.