Where Do You Want to Travel?

Where do you want to go?
Thailand, Laos or Buffalo?
I want to see the other side,
Of this earth where I abide.

I want to see the ,
I want to see Bali in fall.
I want to see Australia’s shores,
I want to travel more and more.

I want to visit Singapore,
And while I’m there, I’ll travel more.
On to Macao I think I’ll go,
Then further on to Tokoyo.

I’ll visit India and Nepal,
And see the Himalayans tall.
I’ll trek up mountain trails to see,
A yeti looking out at me.

I want to visit Pakistan,
I want to travel while I can.
I want to see the Seychelles isles,
And bask in sunshine for a while.

I’d love to visit South Africa,
And see the lions and a cheetah.
I want to see the crocodiles,
And hippos as they swim a while.

I want to photograph the sun,
Going down while having fun.
I’d like to pack my bag and head,
Everywhere except my bed.