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Tatiana Vlahovic

About Tatiana Vlahovic

She is a Staff Product Researcher and Research Manager at Credit Karma. She has more than 10 years of research experience across industry and academia, and my industry experience spans early-stage to large established organizations, such as Reduct. Video, Udemy, and Facebook. She collaborate with cross-functional teams to inform all phases of product development, including strategic discovery, prototype testing, and evaluation of released products.

Her methodological strengths are in-depth interviewing and survey design, though I use a variety of methods to address the research questions at hand, including diary studies, contextual inquiry, statistical analysis, participatory design, experimental design, usability testing, and focus groups.

Outside of research projects, she believes in building a stronger pipeline for aspiring researchers to enter UX and in empowering the research community to learn from each other. She advised junior UX researchers and academic researchers transitioning into industry UX research and has been a mentor with the UXPA Mentorship Program. She has also co-organized research community events with Curiosity Tank, the San Francisco User Research Meetup Group, and Reduct.