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The best way to find the best cold packs for shipping is by taking a look at what other people are buying and which brands they prefer. You can also take a look at the reviews and ratings of the product.

The following table provides concise information about how to pick a product from online:

  • Consider what you want
  • Find out what other people are buying
  • Look at reviews and ratings
  • Compare prices
  • Beware of scams

Top 10 best cold packs for shipping Features Overview

Here are the of top 10 cold packs for shipping we picked and recommend.

2. Ice Packs for Coolers and Shipping Reusable Ice Pack Sheets for Lunch Bag, Long Lasting Cold Dry Cooling Pad for Shipping Frozen Food, Flexible Ice

  • Easy to Use: Ice blankets soak fully in water about 3-5 minutes – After absorb water, WIPE DRY ice pack sheets both sides – AFTER DRYING WELL, flat freeze ice sheet in refrigerator more than 6 hours. You can cut reusable ice sheet to any sizes you need and ice sheet strips are flexible to fit various containers. It is NOT DRY ICE Carbon Dioxide. It is ice pack, dry package.
  • Tips: Ice pack sheets – 7″x13″ for single piece. 12 ice cells for each sheet. 8 sheets for one pack. Ice pack sheets for coolers, One side is a mesh material and the other side is plastic. Make sure let ice block sheets dry completly before freezing, then when placing in freezer, DO NOT FOLD MESH SIDE TOUCHES, or it will stick and freeze together.
  • Economic function: Ice packs for coolers are perfect ice replacement products, Ice sheets for food can keep fresher and colder long-lasting up to hours. Ice wrap packs can be used not only for lunch bags ice pack, lunch box ice packs and coolers cold packs, but also in the transportation industry, for example, ice pack sheets for shipping food, seafood, breast milk, medicine, vaccines, fresh beer, beverages, perishables, pathology samples etc.
  • Physical Therapy Function: Cold ice sheet can be used as ice pack for pain relief and fever, cold compress therapy pack for back, shoulder, knee, neck, ankle, leg and arm etc. Also perfect for insulin cooler travel cases, insulin cooler bags, and diabetic organizers and diabetic travel kit needing ice. When use ice sheet as cold therapy item, do not use directly on the skin to avoid frostbiting, it may be little stiff, but it also the key to keep colder than other ice.
  • Safe and Store: Ice blanket is non-slimy, non-toxic, food touchable ice mats and environmentally safe. Reusable ice pack sheets can be useed over and over. Ice Sheets are thin like paper, so easy to store before activated. Cold packs for coolers are perfect for trip, camping and hiking, as well as for your camp kitchen. Dry ice pack for shipping frozen food, commercial food & dish transport, can keep vegetable fresh, and beverage cooling.

3. LIVE 2DAY Nice Packs Dry Ice for Coolers – Lunch Box Ice Packs – Dry Ice for Shipping Frozen Food – 120 Ice Packs for Lunch Bags – Reusable Ice Pac

  • Reusable Ice Pack: Soak in water to expand cells & freeze overnight. Perfect for any lunchbox or bag
  • Long Lasting & Flexible: Lasts 4-7 times longer than ice! Fits in any cooler around food & drinks.
  • Non-Leaking Cooler Ice Pack: No wetness! Our ice packs keep your cooler dry with no melting ice.
  • Large Custom Sheets: 120 Cells, Measuring 17” x 8.5”, can be cut to resize into smaller packs.
  • Safe to Use: No Carbon Dioxide (Smoke), Approved for Shipments, Non-Toxic, Fully Certified.

4. Shipping Cold Packs Dry Ice for Shipping Frozen Food, Reusable Freezer Packs for Coolers 14” X 13”, Flexible Ice Blanket Keep Food Fresh and Beve

  • ❄LONG LASTING COLD LARGE ICE PACK SHEET – 6 packs reusable flexible ice blankets, each ice sheet measures 13” x 14”, can be cut in cells to fit any size container thanks to its unique seam technology, contains 24 individual cells in the ice blanket, maintains cold temperature for 24 hours in an insulated container.
  • ❄SAFE AND EASY TO USE – The magician reusable ice pack sheet featuring a thin PE backing on one side and soft cloth on the other to provide comfort. Non-slimy, non-toxic, food touchable and environmentally safe. The surface stays dry no matter when and where after absorbing water. Just soak in water for about 3 minutes, wipe down both sides with a towel to dry off and throw in freezer, and then, you can use it.
  • ❄FLEXIBLE, VERSATILE & REUSABLE ICE SHEET – Keep in freezer for ready use as first aid for children, sports injury and minor burns, ideal to help relieve muscle pain and swelling. Use in ice bag or lunch box to carry food, snacks, drinks, stays cool long time during outings. For shipment of temperature sensitive items in pharmacetical, agriculture and other industries or even to store and ship cold or frozen items.
  • ❄MOST EFFECTIVE ICE REPLACEMENT PRODUCT – This freeze sheet is currently used by many of the industry users and home kitchen, it is considered a world industry standard and can be bulk hydrated. Cooler ice sheet is lightweight, foldable and thin like a paper before absorbing water, save valuable space and shipping fee easily. Each square is 3.5’’ x 2.2’’ and expandable materials absorb 25 times their weight in water, can expand to about 1’’ thick.
  • ❄QUALITY GUARANTEE – WORLD-BIO has been a leading provider of hot cold gel packs, cold shipping chain since 2001, our goal is to provide you products that are safe, effective, and easy to use. Please dry off the surface of ice sheet before freezing to prevent from sticking together when frozen.

5. 48 Case Shipping Cold Packs Automatic Water Absorption Leak-Proof Gel Refrigerant Brick for Cooler, Reusable Small Dry Ice Pack Sheets Keep Food Fr

  • 1. Economical – Shipping ice pack cheaper than traditional ice packs. Dry ice pack stay thin as a piece of paper before soaking water, weighted 3g, lightweight to save more valuable space and shipping fee for you.
  • 2. Leak proof and Durable – Reusable ice pack sheet featuring a thin PE backing on one side and soft cloth on the other to provide comfort. The latest technology products will not have mucus after water absorption and will not leak out.
  • 3. Convenient to Use – Just soak dry ice sheets in water for 3 minutes, dry the excess water on the surface, freeze at least 6 hours, then you can use it for transportation of foods and seafood, perishables, pathology samples, medicine, vaccines etc.
  • 4. Cold Long lasting – Shipping cold pack measures 3.3’’ x 4.7’’ and expandable materials absorb 33 times their weight in water, can expand to about 1.3’’ thick. Stays cold for whole day in insulation bags or box like a frozen gel packs after absorbing water, which lasts longer than normal water pack.
  • 5. Environmentally safe and Ice Replacement – Freezer packs for coolers is non-toxic, food touchable and soon to degrade in the natural environment. Freeze sheet is currently used by many of the industry users and home kitchen, it is considered a world industry standard and can be bulk hydrated. Professional test and produce, NO SLIMY.

6. ABC Pack of 10 Cool Shield Thermal Bubble Mailers 8 x 11 Thermal Padded Envelopes 8×11 Cushion Food Mailers Thermal Shipping Bags for Mailing Packi

  • COOL THERMAL SHIELD PADDED ENVELOPES 8 x 11: Pack of 10 thermal bubble mailers. Recyclable waterproof padded metallic bubble envelopes are approved by UPS, USPS, FEDEX, DHL.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Thermal envelope has a reflective surface and insulating air encapsulated bubbles. Bubble lining protects contents from damage while foil reflects 97% of the radiant heat. Self seal with tamper proof closure.
  • HIGHLY ECONOMICAL: durable packaging envelopes are thin and lightweight, one third the weight of traditional shipping bags, cost effective alternative to Styrofoam coolers and bulky foam lined boxes. Take your favorite food with you on your trip either by plane, by bus or by car!
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES : Cool shield mailers are perfect for thermal protection of temperature sensitive products (prepared meals, pharmaceuticals, biotech, fresh flowers, cosmetics, chocolates, cheese, seafood etc). Easy to use insulated mailers combined with gel packs creates the ideal temperature-controlled environments for your shipments. Ideal for pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, courier & express companies, logistic and parcel shipping companies, home and personal use.
  • Foil Bubble mailers are perfect for overnight boxes, best choice for shipping perishable or temperature sensitive items. Order thermal envelopes in bulk at wholesale price! MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Shipping bags are backed by 100% guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with product, you’ll receive money back!

7. Nordic Ice NOR1038 No-Sweat Reusable Long-Lasting Gel Pack, 16 oz. (Pack of 3)

  • Designed with a multi-layered exterior that minimizes surface condensation which protects products from moisture damage
  • Provides reliable temperature sensitive protection for the safe transport of food, pharmaceuticals, medical products and more
  • 3-Pack
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Ideal for keeping lunches cool and icing sore muscles

8. Ice-Brix Leakproof Cold Packs, 5″ x 2 3/4″ x 3/4″, Reusable and Food Safe (Case of 96)

  • Keep perishables at a constant and desirable temperature for days or extend your shipping times; The ultimate in refrigerant packs
  • Leak proof, reusable and economical to use
  • Specially formulated with food safe, non-toxic materials that stay colder than ice
  • Available in white color
  • Measures 5-inches length by 2-3/4-inches width by 3/4-inches height

10. Dry Ice Pack for Shipping Frozen Food Ice Bricks for Cooler Reusable Ice Cells Long Lasting Freeze Block for Lunch Boxes Bags, Dry Cold Packs Auto

  • NOTE: It is NOT DRY ICE Carbon Dioxide. It is ice pack, dry package. Easy to Use: Soak fully ice cells in water about 1-2 minutes. After automatic water absorption, wipe ice block dry by a towel. After dry well, freeze at least 6 hours. Use it as ice pack for cooler, ice packs for lunch boxes or lunch bags , dry ice pack for shipping etc, keep cold and fresh. Also depending on your needs, Shorten the soaking time, to have thin and slim cells. Set of 25 freezer blocks.
  • Ice Pack’s Benefits: Shipping ice packs are made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and food touchable materials. The latest technology cold packs for cooler can lock the water inside after water absorption, and no slimy, no wetness, leakproof. After freeze, keeps food cool & fresh for long lasting 10 hours in insulation bags or lunch boxes.
  • Application: Cold pack is the perfect ice replacement product. Reusable, and stays frozen for a very long time. Ice packs not only provide cooling effects for transportation of foods and seafood, perishables, breast milk, pathology samples, medicine, vaccines etc. Also can be used as cold therapy pack perfect for Sore Muscles and Recovery After Athletics and Injuries.
  • Product Size: 4.3″ (L) x 3.1″ (W), No need to cut, could be fit any size container. Ideal for use kid’s lunch bags or adults lunch boxes, and coolers. Dry ice pack is also perfect for use in a gym bag, diaper bag, insulin case bag, lunch pail, camping cooler, meal prep container or picnic basket etc.
  • Tips: Ice block packs, One side is a mesh material and the other side is plastic. Make sure let ice pack cells dry completly before freezing, then when placing in freezer, let the plastic surface touch the refrigerator. Do not let the mesh sides touch each other. Don’t let the mesh side touch the refrigerator. or it will stick and freeze together.


There is a myriad of online stores out there, and it is impossible for one to compare the different cold packs for shipping as well as their prices since not all websites offer them. Online shoppers often turn to reviews and customer feedback for help, but even these are unreliable sources. Sometimes people post negative reviews just to be spiteful or angry.

The lack of insightful information online forces shoppers to rely on the information they find elsewhere, but this can lead to misinformation and incorrect purchase decisions.

Consumers can save themselves from these potential risks by turning to an AI-powered shopping assistant that provides tailored product suggestions based on their preferences.

But Amazon made the whole process easy and effortless.

Why You Trust Amazon?

As they grow increasingly popular, there are some challenges that people face when they try to purchase something on the internet. There are many reasons why people might not trust Amazon as much anymore:

  • They worry about their personal information being stolen;
  • They question the reliability of the website;
  • Its security features and whether or not their credit card details will be safe
  • The quality of products sold by third parties might not be as good
  • There’s no instant gratification with online purchases;

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